We are live in the Netherlands

What does that mean? It means we have started collecting road friction and road roughness data using regular passenger vehicles. During the winter 2019/2020 the Road Surface Information data will be made available to our partners and customers while increasing the number of cars continously.

For road authorities and road maintenance companies the car data can for instance be used to automate the inspection of the roads. This will be a tool that can replace or decrease the amount of manual inspection that is being done, but it can also replace more expensive solutions for road surface monitoring.

The measurements can be sorted on road type and road quality and there will be a real quickness in discovering changes so that predictive maintenance of roads can be done, before the roads become hazardous for drivers. We are connecting over 20000 vehicles in the Netherlands, which means that it is possible to track changes over time to find deteriorating roads and problem areas all over the country.

Winter maintenance can also be improved and performed actions can be monitored in a more detailed way. This gives the possibility to evaluate how well winter actions are working and if new additions of hardware gives the effect you anticipate. The Road Surface Information software automatically and objectively lets you monitor the roads.