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We know more about your road conditions than anyone else.

An automated and objective system for road monitoring, Road Health by NIRA utilizes road roughness, road friction and road anomalies as potholes to improve road maintenance and decrease operational costs.


So, what are the benefits of using Road Health by NIRA?

Road scanning is done continuously. Road Health not only means a higher frequency of data, it also enables continuous, real-time updates – key to be able to act on changes in the road network. It also supports road inspectors, when some features are already monitored, they can focus on others.


Measurement by vehicles.  As the data is collected by regular passengers vehicles, it’s an actual representation of how different road features is experienced by the cars and its passengers – providing a more accurate view of the road quality.


Costs are decreased. Using road health can cut costs for road mainenance up to 30%. Take your corrective, preventative and predictive maintenance to a new level using daily measurements and following the development of the road network in real time.

The components of Road Health are:


Live network status


Preventive & predictive maintenance


Road alerts


Road Alerts

Get alerts of sudden changes as roughness increase or new pothole. Speeding up the repairment process by directly inspect the alerts and take actions.

Live Network Status

The daily update status of the road network gives you an objective view that can be used in dialogue with the public, contractors, and stakeholders.  You can always provide an update status of the entire road network down to a road stretch. It is easy to compare the status of the road network or a road at different dates and, to compare different regions of the road network.

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Preventive and predictive maintenance

Utilize the power of daily measurements, to close follow the deteriorate rate in the road network. Prioritizing roads with an increase in or high deteriorate rate. Predicted when roads with a normal deteriorate rate shall be maintained.

Road Health - In less than a minute

Road Health by NIRA utilizes road roughness, road friction, pothole and roadbump data to improve traffic safety and decrease operational costs. This is how it works.
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