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Our company culture consists of the core values and value-driven actions that together form the basis for our actions towards customers and other stakeholders, as well as the attitudes we show towards each other in our daily work.

Easy to be a NIRA Customer

Ensuring customer satisfaction is our top priority. That means anything from being there whenever the customer needs us, to being open to feedback and able to adapt to changing conditions. We always strive to exceed expectations and, of course, we deliver on time.
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Nothing is impossible

At NIRA, we feel challenged by the ”impossible”. With fast decision making and excellent communication between our teams, we succeed in translating creative ideas into innovative solutions. When the challenges pile up and it all seems impossible, we gather our collective strength and solve them together. Our innovations are world-leading, we do not give up in adversity but have perseverance in our development work.

A fun time together

Working at NIRA should be a rewarding experience, where we have fun together. And whether ‘fun’ means solving a customer problem, brainstorming ideas or hanging out at an after-work event, the real keyword is ‘together’. We support each other as a team, and that’s what makes us successful. And we do that in an easygoing way, being part of a transparent and informal organization where everyone’s opinion matters.

Straight forward attitude

When you believe in teamwork, like we do, communication is key. That means for instance being open and honest, listening to understand, and being able to provide and deal with feedback in a constructive way.
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Great people making a difference together

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