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Using sensor-fusion vehicle software, fleet data and information from static and dynamic road conditions, NIRA provides services that can optimize electric vehicle performance and reliability, in a sustainable way.

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Unleashing the power of EVs

The automotive industry is undergoing massive changes to meet the growing EV demand. NIRA Dynamics provides embedded software and cloud services to improve safety, performance and range in electrical vehicles with our highly scalable end-to-end platform. With proven experience in safety critical systems, our solutions are adapted for any OEM or tier 1 supplier of EVs.

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A wet or rough road can increase the rolling resistance up to 50% compared to a dry or polished road which equals up to 6-7% increase in energy consumption.

By knowing the details about the road conditions, range estimation can be greatly improved, while also increasing safety.

How can sensor-fusion software and connected vehicle data improve electric vehicles?

  • Increasing safety – Enabling safer regeneration in all road conditions and enabling AWD before entering slippery road conditions.

  • Cost & Sustainability – Minimize environmental impact by replacing hardware with software.
  • Optimizing charging strategies and routing – Predictive range by taking factors as road roughness, wetness, slipperiness and tire type into account.

  • Energy and range extension – Allowing dynamic recouperation strategies, taking road surface conditions into account.
The software services are modular and can be combined for optimal performance for your needs.
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