Loose Wheel Indicator

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No more surprises. Or sensors.

Loose wheels on vehicles is a common problem across the globe, leading to injuries, material damage and even casualties. A loose wheel can exceed speeds of 100 km/h, and bounce dozens of meters in the air, causing accidents not only to the unfortunate car in question but also to other motorists or  vulnerable road users.

As LWI is a software solution, combining the car’s existing sensors in a new, high-performance system, it requires no additional sensors whatsoever. Instead, it determines if a wheel – and which wheel – is loose only from the spectrum content of the wheel speed signals. 


Prevent accidents with Loose Wheel Indicator

Many lost wheels are caused by basic issues such as using the wrong bolts or nuts, over or under-torque, omitted retorquing, dirt and corrosion. Basic issues, that have led to thousands of accidents each year. No education or information campaign will ever solve this problem entirely, people simply make mistakes, laymen as well as professionals. To think, these accidents could have been avoided – if only the driver knew the wheels were loose a little earlier.

Fortunately, from now on there’s a perfect solution for that: Loose Wheel Indicator (LWI) by NIRA. With it, the driver is alerted to any loose wheel – well before it risks falling off – making it possible to avoid ending up in a dangerous situation.


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Loose Wheel Indicator by NIRA

  • Quick detection within minutes from first vibrations, well before wheel finally detaches or major damages occur (1mm air gap on all bolts).
  • Makes driving safer, not only for the drivers who risk losing a wheel, but for all road users.
  • Continuous monitoring making sure wheels do not get loose unnoticed.
  • Available with detailed warning (with or without isolation).
  • Operation-free, no reset by the driver needed, system self-heals.

With increased car sharing, and autonomous vehicles around the corner, smarter vehicle diagnostics is quickly becoming a necessity.

Who knows what a vehicle should feel and sound like when driving it the first time?

Do you notice strange noises when being busy and driving half-autonomously?

With the successful Tire Pressure Indicator we covered tire under inflation, the most common wheel problems. With Loose Wheel Indicator, we’re addressing yet another common and serious wheel problem, making driving even safer. 

Enhanced visualization

Assemble all monitoring functions in one intuitive, easy-to-use interface allowing the driver to check the status of the monitored components like tires, wheels and other parts in one swift sweep - or go into the details of the components whenever needed. Further functions to be coming soon.

Clear Warnings

The algorithm is tuned for quick detection and unrivalled robustness. The entirely new technology and NIRA's unique database with test cases covering many millions of kilometers all around the world, hundreds of vehicles and thousands of tires and wheels ensure that LWI issues a quick warning when a wheel is loose - and only then. Combined with clear instructions what to do, no driver has to wonder anymore where this strange noise comes from and whether it would be wiser to stop and check - or not. With LWI's self-healing function, the warning will automatically be taken back after a short while of driving with tightened bolts.

Loose Wheel Indicator – in less than a minute

A high-performance software solution, Loose Wheel Indicator detects if a wheel is loose by analyzing the wheel speed signals – greatly increasing safety. Here’s how it works.

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