Road Insights

Introducing Road Insights, NIRA Dynamics' latest innovation for gathering actionable insights of your road network.


Optimize your Road Maintenance

Road Insights is a user friendly and powerful tool that is pioneering the road maintenance industry. Save time and money while increasing the safety of your road network. 

Road Insights goes beyond traditional methods of scanning roads. We use data not only from millions of connected vehicles but combines the data with weather data and other data sources. 

Using Road Insights in your daily work within road maintenance will give you accurate real time insights and historical data that enables you to take the right actions at the right time.

Save time
Road Insights saves time by replacing manual methods with a software solution.
Save money
By acting on the right maintenance at the right time.
Increase safety
By putting your efforts where it is needed the most.

Real time insights of your roads

Road Insights allows you to set up your own unique road network. This means that only data for the roads you have selected will be used. Enjoy less distractions and KPIs based solely on roads of interest.​

Your road network can be selected either through a shape file import or manually through the built-in road network editing tool.

Road Insights consists of two modules: Winter Road Maintenance and Road Health.

Road Health

Road Health bring in the time as a new dimension by providing daily measurement of traditional road parameters as for example road roughness and potholes. Combing daily updates of the road status with historical data enables a data driven road maintenance.

Winter Road Maintenance

Winter road insights is the first ever affordable performance evaluation tool for winter maintenance! It allows you to measure the outcome of your actions and enables you to continuously improve your operations. It also provides you with real time information about the current road conditions and its development.

Utilize the various roles available in Road Insights for seamless collaboration with your colleagues

Road Insights for winter maintenance

Salt Network View

Salt network view

Upon accessing the WRI view, an immediate snapshot of your entire road network unfolds before you!

The interactive map vividly portrays the condition of each district, determining its status through a detailed analysis of both low and high friction measurements across every area.

Complementing this, a dynamic graph offers a real-time insight into the winter road conditions and their progression, refreshing every 10 minutes to provide a retrospective glance over the past 24 hours.

District View

District view

You can click on a district to get more details about the state of the road.

Now the evaluation graph shows the winter road status development of the selected district instead!

Reference network

Reference network

Another important new feature in Road Insights, is the ability to compare the the road condition between the salt network roads and those outside of it. 

See it as a reference network. How would the road conditions be if there without treatments

The effects of winter maintenance can now be seen and measured!

Road Insights for asset management

Road network overview

Road network overview

The road network overview gives an overview of your road network in a map layer based on daily updated data.  You can go from an overview of the entire road network to the historical development to a single road stretch. 

The possibilities to compare road network status by dates enables both to visualize the improvements due to maintenance and find areas with have degenerated over time. 

Inspection view

Inspection view

Road Insights continuously monitors your road network, identifying deteriorated road sections and potholes. Within the inspection view, you can choose which damages to examine more closely. After completing the inspection, you can enter your observations into Road Insights and proceed with necessary actions.


Road Insights is crafted as an intuitive and robust tool to support road engineers in their daily work. We recognize the necessity for users to export data for use in other systems and tools. Consequently, Road Insights includes a data export module that simplifies the extraction of data.

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