Road Surface Conditions

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Safer roads by smarter cars.

The car in front of you is speeding up. You’re not. Why? Well, because the road ahead is deceivingly slippery – and the car knows it. Even if you don’t. And soon, as you enter that rough, pothole-infested stretch that there’s no way of going around, you can rest assured your car is prepared for that, too.


Increase the line of sight with insights from connected vehicles.

Enter the next level in vehicle safety and automation: Road Surface Conditions. Designed to make cars smarter and roads safer, Road Surface Conditions combines and assesses data from a number of reliable sources, such as connected vehicles, Road Weather Information Systems, radar/satellite images and weather prognoses.

This, in turn, helps enable dynamic ADAS functions such as Automatic Cruise Control, Automatic Emergency Braking, Regenerative Braking and 4WD activation. Dynamic being the keyword here – because with Road Surface Conditions, actual road properties are taken into account.

Ultimately, whether it’s about saving lives or simply providing a smoother ride, it all comes down to data. Knowing everything there is to know about the current road conditions.

Road Surface Conditions by NIRA

  • Adaptive Cruise Control - Adjust or restrict the distance between vehicles based on actual grip and pavement condition.

  • Curve assist - Adjust speed before entering a hazardous curve.

  • Highway pilot - Allow drivers to engage highway pilot based on actual conditions on an adequate stretch of road ahead.
  • Navigation - Routing, route optimization and ETA calculations based on road roughness and the current road conditions.

  • Electrical Vehicles - Recuperation strategies based on the actual grip and road conditions, to improve charging and driver experience.

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Designed to make cars smarter and roads safer, Road Surface Conditions combines and assesses data from connected vehicles, RWIS, radar/satellite images and weather prognoses to provide a real-time picture of the road status – with unmatched data coverage. This, in turn, helps enable SAE Level 2 vehicle functions such as Dynamics Automatic Cruise Control, Dynamic Automatic Emergency Braking, Dynamic Regenerative Braking and Dynamic 4WD activation.

Road Surface Conditions - in a minute

Combining vehicle data and road weather models for next generation ADAS and safety applications.

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