Winter Road Insights

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Smarter road maintenance with real time data from connected vehicles.

Winter roads naturally pose their own unique challenges. Enter Winter Road Insights – a solution giving road operators access to real-time friction data, providing a clear picture of what the situation is actually like out there. That’s on any specific stretch of any road, at any given time.


The four components for winter maintenance in Winter Road Insights:




Performance evaluation


Live Network Status


Slipperiness Alert

A cost-effective winter road maintenance that meets anticipated quality levels requires effective tools for road surface forecasting and action-planning as well as effective methods for follow-up of the measures as well as the effect of the measures. Winter Road Insights gives you all this and more.


Reliable feedback is crucial for enhancing winter maintenance operations, ensuring efficient prioritization, and validating contracts with road maintenance suppliers. The Winter Road Insights (WRI) application is essential, especially in areas with limited car coverage, offering real-time and historical data on maintenance activities, and verifying the execution of meas
Winter road insights

KPIs & Historical Evaluation

In continuous improvement work, comparing outcomes between methods is vital. Winter Road Insights utilizes extensive friction and weather data collected by vehicle fleets to provide essential tools. This enables the creation of a universal KPI for evaluating winter road maintenance effectiveness. It stands out as the first true performance evaluation system for winter maintenance and road safety, offering retrospective analysis capabilities and effective KPI utilization.

Live Network Status

Live Network Status provides real-time road condition updates, aiding immediate action and preemptive measures through citizen alerts or road maintenance instructions. Data processed from passenger cars allows for resource-efficient allocation and instant deviation detection. This system also aids in accident prevention and optimizes routes and salt usage, potentially saving up to 20% of the winter maintenance budget. With NIRA's real-time friction measurements, low friction areas are promptly identified regardless of weather forecast accuracy.


Time is crucial: reducing the response time to a hazardous situation by just 10 minutes significantly decreases the likelihood of accidents. Typically, accidents occur within 30-90 minutes after slippery conditions are detected. WRI Alerts swiftly send high-confidence regional notifications via text or email as soon as roads become slippery, prompting immediate action to address or prevent dangerous road conditions. The alerting service aims to draw winter maintenance operators' attention when action is necessary, ensuring confidence in road conditions. Furthermore, the alerts system reassures winter maintenance staff that they will be alerted to hazardous road situations, even if they are not at the operations center or are on call.

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A cost-effective winter road maintenance that meets anticipated quality levels. Here’s how it works.
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