NIRA enters into a cooperation with HERE Technologies

NIRA Dynamics and HERE Technologies have entered into a cooperation where NIRA will make road surface data available on the Open Location Platform powered by HERE.

A first focus area is the Netherlands, where NIRA software algorithms are being installed in over 20 000 vehicles during 2019. The vehicles will be collecting road information such as road friction, and road roughness initially, adding pothole and roadbump information later.

“Everyone is talking about sensor data sharing – and there’s a good reason for it. That’s why I am extra happy about the collaboration with NIRA Dynamics and our new friction service, starting in the Netherlands. This service will make roads safer from day one and is literally paving the way to the future.” says Petter Djerf at HERE Technologies.

By monitoring the Dutch roads OEMs, software application providers and road maintenance companies has the opportunity to set a new standard in terms of building apps based on live data. The coverage will be greater than ever seen before and is the first time an entire country’s roads will be monitored in detail, allowing true safety and increased performance.