NIRA Dynamics hits milestone with 100 million TPI units

Linköping, Sweden - NIRA Dynamics, leader in automotive technology software solutions, proudly announces a significant milestone: the sale of 100 million Tire Pressure Indicator (TPI) units. This achievement not only underscores NIRA's prominence in the automotive sector but also highlights its commitment to sustainability and cost-efficiency since 2005.

In a remarkable shift from traditional hardware-based systems, NIRA's TPI technology, a software-centric approach, has revolutionized tire pressure monitoring. By eliminating the need for physical sensors in each tire, NIRA's TPI has substantially reduced electronic waste and manufacturing costs, fostering a more sustainable automotive ecosystem.

Key Impact

NIRA Dynamics' TPI technology has redefined the landscape of tire pressure monitoring by significantly reducing the reliance on physical sensors and the associated electronic waste. By introducing this innovative software solution in 100 million vehicles, NIRA has contributed to a staggering reduction of electronic waste, with an estimated 40,000 tons of electronics saved. This monumental achievement not only reflects NIRA's commitment to technological excellence but also underscores its dedication to promoting sustainability in the automotive industry.

A Commitment to Sustainability and Cost-Efficiency

NIRA Dynamics has not only set a benchmark in technological innovation but has also conscientiously contributed to environmental sustainability. The reduction in electronic waste and the need for fewer raw materials resonate with global efforts to minimize the ecological footprint of the automotive industry.

"Our journey to 100 million TPI units is not just a testament to our technological progress but also to our dedication to a greener, cost-effective future," said Lisa Åbom, CEO, NIRA Dynamics. "This milestone is a leap towards our vision of an eco-conscious automotive landscape, where innovation drives sustainability."

A big upside for car manufacturers when selecting a sensor fusion solution like TPI is the fact that costs are kept at a minimum, while all TPMS legislation globally are fulfilled.

Looking Ahead

As NIRA Dynamics celebrates this milestone, the company remains committed to advancing automotive technology solutions that deliver sustainable, cost-efficient value-adding services to cars and drivers globally. Just recently, NIRA launched a big update to TPI – TPI UX, offering enhanced detection performance and improved graphical interface for increased safety and performance.

Also, the latest solution in production is Road Surface Alerts - warns drivers for hazardous road conditions, and Road Surface Conditions - offers enhanced decision-making for ADAS services in varying road conditions.