NIRA Dynamics hires former Head of Innovation and Technologies at Saab Aeronautics Lisa Åbom as new CEO

NIRA Dynamics has strengthened the team further by hiring Lisa Åbom as their new CEO. The current CEO Predrag Pucar will take place in the Board of Directors and continue working strategically to set out the future directions of NIRA together with Lisa and NIRA’s management team.

With solid leadership experience from multiple innovative tech companies, Lisa Åbom stepped in as the new CEO of NIRA Dynamics on November 9th. Her latest employment was on Saab Aeronautics, where she worked as Head of Innovation and Technologies.

“When I was asked to step in as CEO of NIRA, I was incredibly honored. NIRA is a really successful and amazingly exciting company with a stable product portfolio. NIRA works with innovation and creativity to expand its offering with new products to its existing customers, but also to develop groundbreaking products for new customer segments. I was attracted by the level of technology, the innovative environment, continuous new development and by the company’s outstandingly competent employees”, says Lisa Åbom, new CEO since November 9th.

NIRA Dynamics has grown a lot during the years that Predrag Pucar was the CEO. NIRA has had increasing revenues and a growing product portfolio, maintaining a high focus on future technologies while always having safety and environmental impact top of mind.

“The recent ten years have been the best ten years in my life. It has been a fantastic journey from an 18-person company with one customer to now an established player in the automotive industry with a diverse product and customer portfolio. However, what I will have with me after this journey, is not the success. What really sticks in my mind is the fun time and relations with all the people in the NIRA Team over the years. I will miss them all. The comfort is that I will have a relation to NIRA through my Board position, and the luck that we found Lisa, who I believe is the right person to make the continued NIRA journey even more exciting”, says Predrag Pucar, former CEO and new member of the Board.

Moving into the future, NIRA will continue to expand the product offering within road maintenance, creating insights on the road surface to create safer roads and better road maintenance operations, using millions of connected vehicles as a data source. Further, the future of transportation is at a crossroad. Transportation will be essential for our society also in the future, but transportation needs to transform to become sustainable. NIRA is intensively looking into technology areas to contribute to more sustainable transportation, and given the innovative history, the company is confident it will contribute to the coming change.

For further information, please contact:
Johan Hägg, Head of Marketing & Communication, NIRA Dynamics
+46 700 454056