New slip hazard warning feature from NIRA Dynamics improves the safety of connected vehicles

NIRA Dynamics recently rolled out a brand new feature for cars, expected to significantly increase road safety. The feature continuously monitors the road friction in real-time. This information is sent from numerous cars to a central server, from which it is sent out to other cars approaching the area – providing them with relevant road information and timely slip hazard warnings.

During the winter of 2016/2017, NIRA provided the Swedish Transport Administration and Klimator AB with software for a large number of cars, to continuously monitor the road conditions. The gathered information is sent to NIRA’s servers, where it’s aggregated to provide real-time insights about the road conditions.

The new feature, called Road Surface Information, not only provides drivers with slip warnings. Self-driving cars also need to be aware of the traction and braking distance at any time – and so, with Road Surface Information, yet another important step is taken towards enabling the safe self-driving cars of the future.

As a positive side-effect, NIRA’s software also facilitates more efficient and environmentally-friendly winter road maintenance, resulting in significant cost savings.

During the last few years, NIRA Dynamics have invested substantial resources into establishing a position as a unique supplier of solutions for collecting road data in real-time. Today, the company also has a presence in Silicon Valley.

Swedish television SVT recently published a feature on the solution:

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