Nacka Municipality is making road maintenance more sustainable

In a pioneering project with Nacka Municipaliy, connected vehicle data is harnessed to change the approach to traditional road maintenance, setting a new standard for sustainability and efficiency. By doing this, Nacka has embarked on a journey towards significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions from road maintenance.

Highlights of the Project:

  • Sustainable Maintenance Planning: Utilizing data from connected vehicles, we've developed a maintenance plan that optimizes the use of resources, focusing on preventative measures to extend the lifespan of road surfaces.
  • Significant Environmental Impact: The analysis projects a potential reduction in emissions from road maintenance activities of between 17-34%, aligning with environmental goals by optimizing the utilization of existing methods and equipment.
  • Efficiency and Accuracy: The adoption of preventive maintenance, supported by real-time data, allows for more accurate planning, moving away from the costly 'worst first' approach.

Mats Wester of Nacka Municipality remarks on the value of continuous data collection from vehicles for improving their maintenance work. By integrating various data gathering methods such as sensors to monitor surface wear, friction data, vehicle-mounted cameras for visual analysis, and ground-penetrating radar for rutting analysis, the municipality can craft a data-driven maintenance plan. This approach promises not only cost-efficiency but also environmental benefits by targeting maintenance more precisely. Nacka Municipality's existing geographic information and aerial imaging lay a foundation for augmenting vehicle data for comprehensive maintenance insights.


Achievements and Future Goals:

Nacka Municipality now benefits from a robust framework for maintenance planning and environmental impact reduction, ready to refine its strategies in forthcoming procurements.

While initially aligning with reality to about 85%, ongoing adjustments aim for a fully implementable plan by 2025, with continuous monitoring to measure the impact of maintenance actions.

Stay tuned for more updates as we refine Nacka's maintenance strategy, demonstrating the power of connected data in creating smarter, more sustainable cities.