We are excited to announce our participation in the upcoming AutoTech event in Detroit June 5th-6th


Revolutionizing Vehicle Safety: NIRA Dynamics at AutoTech Detroit.

Introducing our cutting-edge innovations in vehicle data analytics and sensor fusion, we are thrilled to present our latest solutions that are set to revolutionize the automotive industry:


- Tire Pressure Indicator (TPI) & TPI UX: Elevating tire safety and driving experience through the implementation of software-based TPMS technology. 

- Loose Wheel Indicator (LWI): Guaranteeing wheel safety with our advanced sensor fusion system, utilizing software exclusively.

- Road Surface Alerts (RSA): Proactively identifying and notifying drivers about potential road hazards to minimize accidents.

- Road Surface Conditions (RSC): Offering detailed insights into road conditions for enhanced EV range calculation and ADAS functionality.


Save the date for our upcoming event on June 5-6 at the prestigious Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, MI. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about how our groundbreaking technologies can enhance your automotive solutions.

Read more about the event at AutoTech Detroit here: https://wardsauto.informa.com/autotech-detroit/

We are excited to engage with you and explore the endless possibilities of our innovative solutions. Let's connect and drive towards a safer, smarter automotive future together!


Contact us if you want to book a meeting at AutoTech Detroit: