Join us at RPUG April 29 - May 2

The theme for the 2024 RPUG conference is “New Technology For An Old World.”


Join us at the fair for a demonstration of our product, Road Health. This innovative and automated tool monitors road conditions through connected vehicles. 

Road Health by NIRA leverages data on road roughness, friction, and anomalies such as potholes to enhance road maintenance and reduce operational expenses. Implementing Road Health can result in significant cost savings for road maintenance, potentially reducing expenses by up to 30%. Elevate your maintenance practices by utilizing our continuous road scannings, enhancing both corrective and preventative measures as well as predictive maintenance strategies.


Schedule a meeting with Björn Zachrisson at RPUG to discover more about Road Health and its innovative technology.


Björn is a seasoned Product Strategist specializing in connected vehicles. His main focus is on defining the product and business value for connected vehicles in the infrastructure domain.

With almost a decade of experience at NIRA and close to 8 years within connected vehicles, Björn is one of the leading contributors to the services and adaptation of connected vehicle data for public sector usage.

Take the chance to discuss with Björn:

- what friction really is and why vehicle generated friction is a necessity compared to a decade ago.

- what’s the seasonal variation of your roads and how resilient are they to the more extreme climate we’ve seen lately. 



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