Insights from NIRA's Stay Interviews with Long-Time Employees

Since February 2024, we have conducted stay interviews with our NIRA seniors, meaning longest employed colleagues (some since 2005!). The purpose of these dialogues is to understand why they have chosen to stay at NIRA:  

  • What contributes to work satisfaction  
  • Reasons for loyalty to the company  
  • What makes us an attractive employer  

These interviews help us to maintain and build on what our employees value, identifying what works well and to recognizing areas for improvement to foster employee engagement, retention, and a positive working environment. 

To this day, we have talked with around 30% of our employees representing different departments and roles, with over 400 years of NIRA experience in total – such a privilege to have all the expertise and knowledge in-house!  

Some key takeaways regarding factors that contribute to work & employee satisfaction:  

  • Freedom & flexibility to plan one’s work  
  • Personal & professional development   
  • Great variety in tasks and responsibilities  
  • Colleagues, culture & activities 
  • Leadership: tech-skilled managers, no micro-management  
  • Company size: still a familiar atmosphere with not too many policies and bureaucracy   
  • Generous perks & benefits 
  • Technology and cool products to work with   

“At NIRA, there is almost nothing that cannot be changed or improved; you can always find someone to talk to if you want to influence what the company does and how. It is truly satisfying!” 

Of course, during the interviews, we received a lot of valuable feedback for areas of improvement. We are proud but never satisfied and want to strive to do a little bit better every day.  

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